Monday, June 27, 2011

Our first blog.......

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Welcome to our new blog. My husband and I have been making guitar pick jewelry for several years. We found earrings to be a popular item at our Art and Craft shows. While attending the in Asheville, NC over the weekend, we learned that blogging is a wonderful way to spread the word about our creations and share a few stories along the way. What could be better?????  Follow Us to learn more about our creations and often times, comical experiences at shows....

A few words about us. I work in sales/marketing and travel a few states and my husband is currently searching for a job - for 2-1/2 years now....We are complete opposites - I talk alot - he doesn't talk much at all, I'm loud, he's soft spoken.  I have ADD, not sure what he has but he's very calm so we compliment each other!

OK, enough about us, here are some photos of our guitar pick earrings. They are real guitar picks, my husband drills a hole in them, adds a crystal and hypoallergenic surgical steel ear wires so they are safe for your ears. Here's a closeup view:

At shows, we have the earrings on a nice canvas covered in burlap and hung on wire grids. The second picture is without the burlap on the board. The burlap adds a nice touch don't you think?????

 Previously, we had them on this display but we like the boards much better:

Our tent display at the 2009 Flat Rock Music Festival:

Till next time, stay cool and thanks for checking out our new little blog.........

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